Tabriz Armenian Museum (East Azerbaijan province)
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Tabriz Armenian Museum, run by Armenian Caliphate, is in Tabriz in the northwestern province of East Azerbaijan. It is adjacent to Saint Mary Church.
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Tabriz Armenian Museum

in Tabriz city | East Azerbaijan province
Tourist Attraction

Tabriz Armenian Museum

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Also known as: Aramaneh Museum, Muze-ye Aramaneh
Tabriz Armenian Museum, run by Armenian Caliphate, is in Tabriz in the northwestern province of East Azerbaijan. It is adjacent to Saint Mary Church.
Tabriz Armenian Museum (East Azerbaijan province)
This is one of the most important Armenian Museums of Iran and is situated in Shariyati Avenue of Tabriz (near Namaz Square) adjacent to Saint Mary Church. The museum boasts of invaluable relics such as manuscripts, scrolls, commands, awards, paintings, coins, pearls, weapons, silver ware, copper, earthenware, porcelain, crystals, ornaments and brocade fabrics, sculptures, wood carvings and Inlay works, reported.

One of the important objects in the museum, which is related to the history and culture of the Armenians, is a wood carved seat dating back to 1728 CE which was built for archbishop of the church on Akhtamar Island in Lake Van.

The archbishop of the church with scepter and perforated bell was transferred to Tabriz caliphate during the events of 1895. The crutches were made in 1825 while the bell is from 1831.

Crowns, awards and several crosses were also transferred to Tabriz during 1895. Big candelabras of Churches of St. Stepanos and St. Thaddeus as well as big bell and inlaid door of one of the churches were also transferred to Tabriz.
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Tabriz Armenian Museum (East Azerbaijan province)
Tabriz Armenian Museum (East Azerbaijan province)
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