Watermills in Yazd
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Yazd Watermills

in Yazd city | Yazd province
Tourist Attraction

Yazd Watermills

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Also known as: Yazd Mills
Watermills in Yazd
Usually besides the villages and along the current of subterranean canals, wherever allowed by the relief of the land people used clean and cheap energy of water for running of their millstones.

The main part of the mill is its flue which resembles an incomplete cone and in an up-side down shape, so that the stored water passes through a narrow opening with high pressure and moves the heavy sails of the mill. The major section of the mills is below ground level and only a small part of it is visible,i.e., the skylights and entrance.

The famous mills in Yazd province are: collection of (Black Stone mills) Sange Siyah Mills, Koushk-e No Watermill, Deh Abad Kachalack, Bideh, Baghestan (Baqestan), Amiri, Befruiyeh and DoSangi (in Maybod), Mehreez (Mehriz), Taft, Islamiyeh, (Farashah) and Ashkezar (Eshkzar) Mills.
Ashkezar Watermill - Yazd
Ashkezar Watermill - Yazd
Watermills in Yazd
Ashkezar Watermill - Yazd
Ashkezar Watermill - Yazd
Ashkezar Watermill - Yazd
Ashkezar Watermill - Yazd
Ashkezar Watermill - Yazd
Ashkezar Watermill - Yazd
Ashkezar Watermill - Yazd
Yazd Attractions & Tourist Information
The city of Yazd is located to the north of Ardestan, to the south of Taft in the east of Bafq and to the west of Esfahan province.
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Dolatabad Garden in YAZD is regarded as one of the sites worth visiting due to its landscape and rich architectural pattern which exemplifies the diversity of Persian ...
Haj Kazem Rasoulian Qajari House was built under the order of late "Haj Mirza Kazem Rasoulian" by Master "Mohammad Hassan Mohammad Rahim" in 1904.
Category: Museums
Zoroastrians History and Culture Museum (Also known as Markar Museum) in Yazd is located close to Markar Square and the Varahram Fire Temple. This museum has exhibits ...
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