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Natural Science Museum of Yazd

in Yazd city | Yazd province
Tourist Attraction

Natural Science Museum of Yazd

Related to Yazd city (Yazd Province)
Also known as: Yazd Natural Science Museum
A literate group in Yazd attempted to find Natural Science Museum of Yazd in a period of two years. It has been erected in a part of the Iran Shahr High School of Yazd with a 1,000 square meters hall. The following are on display here, subjects such as botany, geology, zoology, human and animal anatomy sections.

At the entrance to the Natural Science Museum, you first enter the Birds’ Hall, after which you will see a beautiful forest with natural taxidermy animals that create a special sense. Having passed through this almost natural forest, you will enter the mirror area. At the end of the hall, there is a plants’ hall where you can learn about various plants. In the end, many species of animals, mammals, snakes and fishes are apparent as if they are alive and continue to live in this museum.

It should be noted that Yazd Museum of Natural Sciences is one of the few unique Iranian museums that provides educational facilities, technologies with the aim of improving the knowledge of researchers and scientists. Experienced staff and the guide of Natural Science Museum of Yazd are willing to cooperate, guide visitors patiently, and answer their questions.

History of Yazd Natural Science Museum:
Education Department of Yazd founded the Natural Science Museum in 1991 at Iranshahr School in Yazd. This museum came into operation under the supervision of the faculty and effort of a group of academics. The area of Natural Sciences Museum is about 3500 square meters. The Museum of Natural Sciences is the first museum related to the Education Department of Yazd province.

The purpose of its establishment was to form and constitute the various sectors such as natural sciences, biology, astronomy and physics, the display of interesting physical phenomena, the collection of organisms and different taxidermy animals.

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